In the olden days, a Druid priest would conduct the simple ritual, twining a rope or cloth around the hands of the couple. The afternoon reception price was very reasonable. THE CHÂTEAU GRANDE HOTEL Extend your event at our convenient, on-premise luxury hotel the Château Grande. It's a very elegant place, with excellent service, fabulous food, all my guests were delighted. The food that people have not stopped raving about for DAYS. ectacular service they received, which was extremely important to us when we were deciding on a venue. If I had the... Nanina's gave us the perfect wedding day. Our matre D and bridal attendant were absolutely amazing! Nanina's is breathtakingly beautiful inside and out. ngest I saw at a NJ venue) - made the reception a high energy fun time. The entire staff did such a wonderful job. If you’re searching for a WOW factor, I suggest that you seriously consider Nanina’s in the Park. It was the best day of our lives. Tom walked us through the whole process of planning our wedding from showing us the venue to making the day run smoothly. We had visited the venue a few times while coordinating final details, but when it came time for the actual wedding, we were completely blown away by how incredible it truly was. Welcome to Nanina’s In the Park, a New Jersey Landmark nestled in the cherry blossoms. They treated me like a queen and were also attentive to the needs of my family and guests. - A magnificent NJ landmark, nestle in a historical park … The cocktail hour was impeccable and the entrees delicious! Jean Paul and Robyn Garcia. Keep the chord and cherish the memories! View Accommodations. It's been three w... Nanina's in the Park was the perfect venue for our wedding ceremony and reception! Butterstick. Also, they promise you to stay by your side throughout the entire event, but I could have sworn she could have been by the bar drinking our party liquor. With the tons of food, beautiful decor and entertainment, everyone said we had the real Royal Wedding. The addition of this meaningful Celtic ritual can add a unique depth and beauty to your special day! Our DJ organized timing of everything and made sure Viennese hour takes place and we owe him more! It was amazing from beginning to end. The ballroom was absolutely perfect and the cocktail hour was like nothing we'd ever seen. Thank you Peter, Vicki, Jill, and of course Vincenzo the chef, and the rest of the staff xoxoxoxoxox The LAST SONG! Well, it’s time to wrap-up. We were able to enjoy the bet part of the wedding. Our table was never empty of food and our drinks were always full. It is truly a beautiful room Martha and Julian were outstanding...we can never thank them enough for everything they did for us that day. That same person found her during the reception and brought her a plate of all soft foods- mashed potatoes, pasta etc. Here’s what you need to know about this time-honored Celtic ritual. That and the food, which was phenomenal! Beautifully restored and renovated, The Park Savoy Estate in Florham Park offers more than 50 years of catering tradition reimagined for the modern couple. After the ceremony, we came back to Nanina's for the reception. The grounds were beautiful and the Maitre D Julian was fantastic. You help everything go smoothly and gracefully, even though guest were getting out of control with the alcohol, you made sure I didn't get stressed over it and made sure I didnt see the chaos on my wedding day. And it doesn’t just stop with you, your groom, or your parents. Nathalie and Frank De Vivo. it's only one wedding at a time they can adjusted to changes if needed. Then there was Julian, Liz, and Tom- organizing the entire time to make sure everything was flawless... If I pay 18% gratuity, I expect that maitre D cost be included in that, but no. Nanina's really is the greatest venue, they make you feel like royalty upon your arrival! These moments really allowed my husband and I to enjoy and experience our own wedding – without the whole night feeling like a blur. You will be the only event at this magnificent New Jersey landmark, nestled in a historical park setting. Peter was our maitre d’ but he was so much more. I think the only complaint we had the entire night was that there was too much good food to choose from and that people were too full to keep eating! The staff at Nanina's was on top of everything and so nice to everyone (they were great with my photographer also, who had never been there before - but said he had a great experience). And we never had to even go near the bar to get another drink. This way we were able to party with guests during our reception, rather than go table hopping thanking people for coming and missing the whole wedding. Overall, the wedding was incredible and it was all thanks to the amazing staff at Nanina's in the Park! The gardens in the back make the perfect setting for taking pictures. But everything was so great.. Julian was so great, he helped us throughout the whole planning of our wedding. We could not have asked for a more personal experience and they truly made us feel like we were the only wedding they had to plan. Special thanks to Barry and have no idea how much this meant to us. The waterfall and all of the landscaping make such a beautiful backdrop. RSVP. They insured that we did not have to concern ourselves with anything but to have fun. The bridal suite is amazing and the food- people are still talking about! From the time we started planning our wedding in June of 2013, Vicky has been like family to us. Thanks again for everything Nanina's. One day in your life, We knew we were getting a good venue but this exceeded our expectations. Nanina's In The Park - Hall of Fame Award, Nanina's In The Park - Wedding Spot Award 2017, Show Your Fandom: Real-Life Pop Culture Weddings. If something went wrong, the staff took care of it and we definitely did not know about it. The food was plentiful and delicious. Menu. The bridal suite is to die for --- we could have spent the whole time in there. The staff, the venue, the food...everything was spectacular. The food was unbelievable, n... We had our wedding at Nanina's on October 11, and even though it rained a little that day, everything was perfect. Julian was on top of every detail making sure wedding ran smoothly and it sure did! All the staff went above and beyond to make sure my wedding was perfect! Yelp. Everyone was so helpful .... the bridal attendant was amazing making sure that my bridal party and I had everything, served us breakfast and lunch, and made sure I ate...haha...everything went so smoothly with the help of the amazing... We had our wedding at Nanina's in the Park on July 4th, 2015. The set up was perfect! I wasn't sure that everyone would understand this because it was kind of different, so I changed the menu Nanina's gave us and worded it more clearly. Every single person raved about the cocktail hour and they didn't know how they were going to eat dinner but, everyone wound up eating their incredible meals. You won't have to worry about a thing, your photos will be beautiful, and both you and your guests will have an unforgettable time. The material that is wrapped around the couples’ hands and tied into a knot is called the “chord.” In ancient times, couples used thin strips of dyed cloth or rope. I cannot thank Nanina's enough for everything and I would recommend them 1000% to anyone and will definitely turn to them for any upcoming events that I may have! It wasn't until they brought it out for us to cut that I realized it hadn't been out on display the whole night. I truly cannot say enough great things about the venue. On they day of my wedding, Vicky and Soledad were absolutely amazing. But from what I hear, I’m not that special because they catered to everyone! May 1, 2020 • Naninas in the park, NJ. n't recommend them enough- it was a dream come true! The only thing I was slightly displeased with was the service of my maitre'd the night of the wedding. They thought it was thanks to my meticulous planning. From that moment I knew it was going to be a great night. Our Wedding. All of the food was delicious! we made the right choice. Once it was time to officially tie the knot, we headed into the venue for a traditional Jewish ceremony under a beautiful chuppah. She was always there to answer my questions whenever I needed her and to ca... We hosted our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding at Nanina’s in The Park on September 2, 2012. e. My fiancé and I looked at about 7 venues including Nanina's in the Park. The chef Vincenzo is unbelievable!!!!!! She helped with everything! Being completely obsessed with Italy I knew Nanina's would be the perfect place for our wedding reception. matiffbengy11. We invite you to a beautiful picturesque setting within a historical park which creates a picture perfect ambiance for both intimate weddings to large corporate events. e were. Furthermore, not only were our parents treated like gold, but also each guest felt a certain level of personal attention from the Nanina's staff that was unparalleled to any other wedding I've ever been to. The staff at Nanina's where amazing Vicky and Tom where very knowledge and helped my husband and I in the planning. Peter was basically our personal body guard. They were always professional and made our guests feel as if they were at home. She felt confident putting all her faith in the experienced hands of Nanina’s which made me incredible happy and thankful. stess, Jennifer, was the bomb!!!! Our wedding was perfect and our guests are still complimenting the service and food! We ate, drank and danced all night! The reality is, there is no way to slow it down. You can hold hands side by side or cross hands, right hand to right hand and left to left. The ballroom... Nanina's was AMAZING. Hands-down the best venue I have ever attended. The venue is situated at one corner of Branch Brook Park, which is the second largest destination (after D.C.) for cherry blossom viewing outside of Japan. Date has been moved to Wednesday April 7, 2021 K iarra & G erald. Everything was absolutely beautiful and perfect to us-we couldn't have asked for anything more memorable. I wish you an incredible marriage and hopefully, a wedding at Nanina’s. It was perfect in every way imaginable and Nanina’s made it that way. The Service-all the wait staff was so very attentive, polite and very accommodating making the service we received absolutely impeccable, impressing many of our guests. Besides the beauty and food the people running Nanina's are great too! Trust me, no wedding after it can compete. I hope someone else I know gets married here so I can go back! The moment we got there we were taken care of, the staff is amazing! It is almost 2 months later and we are still receiving messages from our guests that it was the best wedding they have ever been to, that the food was plentiful and out of this world, and how over the top and outstanding the entire experience was at Nanina's!! We got a big surprise when we found out the NEW Bridal Suite would be finished for our wedding. They recently made renovations in early 2010 and the whole space is so elegant and stunning. Honestly I could go on and on about how wonderful it was so I'll just sum up the few things that I wasn't really crazy about. The food was out of this world. If you dont get married here you are truly missing out! If you are okay with those terms, by all means, book them. Welcome to Nanina’s In the Park, a New Jersey Landmark nestled in the cherry blossoms. Nanina's definitely made our wedding, the best day of our lives! I would recommend this venue to anyone looking to get married here! It was a magical night because of the beautiful venue (inside and outside), the delicious and unbelievable selection of food and impeccable service. We were supposed to choose a style of fish to serve and when we asked about what they make, they said "anything you want". d through the doors of Nanina’s we knew this was the place for us; and when we returned two days later with my husband to be and my father we signed on the dotted line right away. Overall, Nanina's is a breathtaking venue with brilliant views and the staff are so friendly and hospitable that every bride and groom deserves to feel like royalty the way they treated us. Another awesome perk at Nanina's is the ability to peruse 3 different areas during cocktail hour. I knew it was going to be great, but Nanina's exceeded my expectations and it was better than I could have imagined. Anything you could possibly need will be given to you. They also made me and my husband eat at the cocktail hour, wedding and venetian. Not Nanina's. Not one ounce of unnecessary stress was put on me! The grounds are gorgeous and the ballroom and bridal suite are unbelievably beautiful. However, everyone else there made me feel like I was family. What I love about Nanina's is you do get to enjoy your cocktail hour, dinner and viennese. My husband and I went to 25 different vendors throughout NY and NJ, and when we came to Nanina's, we were speechless. Throughout the whole wedding they were by our side making sure we were ready for any events, standing in the right places, and even making sure we got to eat at cocktail hour—put a time limit on pictures and had all the food ready at a table for us! Your guests will enjoy more than 50 years of catering tradition with a spectacular multi million dollar renovation.To tour call us at 973-751-1230 or visit our site . Once we went downstairs, the amazing service did not stop. I wanted everything to be in the exact place and happen at the exact right time. I really believe if you want to have a “perfect” wedding, have it at Nanina's in the Park. Vicky had everything under control and quickly put my mind at ease, while Soledad attended to my every need before the ceremony and during the reception! Are you looking for a special way to mark your union with the one you love? On the night of our wedding, a cousin told is this was by far the best wedding he has ever been to in his life, we couldn’t have asked for a better compliment. vice is superb from the time of booking to the day of wedding. Not only did they make sure we were able to eat, but they would steal us away for moments where just the two of us could see the ballroom before anyone entered, or the pristine Viennese table before everyone else came out to enjoy it. - A magnificent NJ landmark, nestle in a historical park setting. Vicky and Martha made sure that every single detail down to the last flower girl petal was where it was supposed to be. The attendants and waiters were on point the entire day and every single one of my guests are still talking about that day...mainly how amazing the food was but how attentive and professional everyone was that day. Besides the obvious, there are other things that make this venue exceptional. Calm your nerves, celebrate the other important people in your life, and enjoy a … There aren't many things my 87 year old grandfather likes to eat at this point, and when I looked over during dinner- they made him not one, but TWO grilled cheese sandwiches (his favorite!!). l our guests found it convenient to fly into Newark just a few miles south. Registry. It has a very romantic, Italian feel, the most princessy ballroom I’ve seen in any wedding venue – when you think about it, 4 out of the 5 hours will be spent in the ballroom. de, they really made sure I was treated like a queen that day. When they say they will take care of it, they will (we had a few issues with our hotel and Nanina's was on the phone with them for hours trying to help us with that). At one point a clumsy guest stepped on the bride's dress leaving a big shoe print. View Registry. As the bri... Nanina's was AMAZING! Our Photographer also used the Balcony off the new bridal suite to capture some great shots as well. I was thrilled with our decision when we booked, but leading up to the event we had a few hiccups/concerns, BUT when the day came everything was perfect. Peter and Liz were both very attentive and took care of everything. Now for all our friends looking for their wedding venues, we tell them no question, go to Nanina’s!! The weeks and months of planning will be crazy, but when you see that special person waiting for you at the end of the aisle, every moment of insani... Nanina's in the park is absolutely stunning! e services that Nanina's offers to its brides and grooms. The only downside was our date at night was taken. was the bridal attendant starting at 8:30AM and she made sure we had everything that was needed. Vicky also made sure that myself and my husband had time to taste all the different food and actually get to eat during our cocktail hour and reception. I can't thank everyone there enough! Vicky made sure that all plans were in place before the big day and that not even the tiniest detail was forgotten. our wedding day. My bridal attendant was absolutely amazing and literally helped me with every little detail througout the night! They answered all of my questions and guided me when I needed help.Overall I was beyond satisfied with my experiences at Nanina's in the Park and I will recommend it to all of my friends. is top-notch and gorgeous (not to mention, you don't share the venue with any other event. Looking for gift ideas? Everything from the beautiful decor to the world class cuisine was incredible. We requested red bull at the wedding because its a fan favorite, and Peter didn't even blink before providing it for us. The Beautiful Ballroom-having a two level ballroom that surrounded the dance floor made access to the dance floor easy and everyone had a good view of all the fun everyone was having. We were in the middle of the room, so people came over to us to say hello, while we were enjoying every bit of the most delicious food. They both made sure Josh and I had every single bit of food from our incredible cocktail hour to try in the bridal suite along with our signature drink and sodas/water. stly every single one is true. You made my dreams come true and surpassed my wildest expectations!!! We will never forget the best day of our lives! Since the wedding was on a Friday, the girls were able to get ready in the bridal suite which is GORGEOUS. Our guests cannot stop raving about the wedding. He entertained and responded to all of my questions and ideas to make sure we got everything just as we wanted it. I’ve heard from many brides that they didn’t actually get to enjoy their own wedding; this is not the case at Nanina’s. The happy couple tied the knot on August 31st, 2019. The 360 acres of Branch Brook Park were designed in the American romantic tradition, with undulating hills, scenic vantage points of the lake and gurgling streams meandering through woodland glades. In the end, it was a great party, livened by our DJ/ entertainment and our other vendors, but we don't owe this particular place any gratitude for it. The array of things that were available for my cocktail hour surpassed anything in my wildest dreams. The pre-cocktail room was amazing looking and with drinks on them. I would imagine that Nanina’s In The Park is where all the Disney Princesses get married – because it’s a pinnacle of elegance & grace! The grand historical estate, Nanina’s In The Park, is a wedding venue nestled within a woodland forest in Belleville, NJ. Normally the entrée is so-so at banquet halls, but not here, a lot of our guests were disappointed they didn’t have room to finish their entrees. The amount and, more importantly, the quality of the food at Nanina's in unmatched. Our wedding was perfect because of Nanina's in the Park. Both Dominique and Peter got ready at Nanina’s in the Park surrounded with their loved ones. Every time I turned around she was there to take an empty glass out of my hand and replace it with a full one. I also liked that it is one wedding at a time because our guests were free to use the lower and upper levels for cocktail hour. Joe the owner and the head chef spent awhile chatting with us during our good tasting, and got to know us...we weren't just another wedding to them, which we really appreciated! The food was exceptional, our guests are still stuffed from our Friday wedding and said it was the best wedding they've ever been to! The staff, especially Julian, made sure we ate and had a good time. for you and everything. I never thought I would have "the best wedding" that people have ever been to! d his staff members made our experience with them very enjoyable. planning process fun!! Report 0 Reply. You could even pick a different color to represent each child, creating a thickly braided chord that represents all of them. Look for charms that represent special times together or important moments in your relationship. om Marta, My personal attendant for the day who was there EVERY time I turned around, brought me drinks and food before I could even speak, to pulling up my dress and getting on her knees SEWING my hem 4 times during the night. The seafood station were amazing, and I even by their pasta sauce in stores so did not miss that one! The food was amazing from cocktail to dinner and especially dessert. Let me tell you, your wedding day will go by in a flash. Nanina's in the Park was a spectular venue. Also they didn't have a birdcage for us so we had to rent one from a party supply store. The Food- The incredible cocktail hour, dinner and desserts amazed our guests.

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